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FOX Logo-ReducedWhen Jose Hernandez was born, many people thought his life was mapped out for him.

Raised by migrant farm workers, it was assumed he would continue working in the fields just as his ancestors had done before him. But Jose defied those expectations by dreaming big, working hard and believing he would one day reach for the stars as an astronaut for NASA.

“I just remember getting up early, at 4:30 in the morning,” Jose recalled with his father, Salvador. “It was still dark.”

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“All muddy,” Salvador said, as both father and son walked through the strawberry fields they used to pick together. “I remember.”

Jose recalled the long hours.

“It taught me to work hard and nothing is given to an individual, I mean you gotta work for it and every time I collected that paycheck, believe me I felt that I earned every penny of it,” Hernandez said.

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