COSOMO-5-Openly-Gay-Latino-Celebs-We-LoveCOSMO Latina Logo-NewIn honor of LGTB awareness month, we want to highlight out and proud Latino celebs who have been strong advocates for the LGBT community. Recent polls have shown a major shift in Latinos’ favorable view of gay rights and marriage, and with Latino celebs like this on their side, we’re not surprised!

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This Cuban blogger is known for his no holds bar approach to reporting celebrity news. Starting his career as a media relation’s assistant for the LGBT rights organization GLAAD, Hilton has always been a staunch supporter of gay rights, but his recent decision to become a single father via surrogacy has put him at the forefront of the gay parents debate. Through his blog posts and numerous pictures he has continued to show what a dedicated Papi he is. Good for you, chico!

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