COSMO-Latina-Smart Tips for Professional Attire-MainPhoto

COSMO-Latina-Smart Tips for Professional Attire-MainPhoto

COSMO Latina Logo-ReducedOur curves are a major source of pride, but can they also be a hindrance particularly when it comes to office attire? Remember the case of Deboralee Lorenzana—the Puerto Rican born banker alleges she was deemed “too sexy” by her employers at Citigroup where she worked as a banker when they fired her in 2010. Lorenzana stated that her bosses told her they couldn’t concentrate on their work because of her appearance and also reportedly forbid her to wear turtlenecks, pencil skirts, three-inch heels, or fitted suits. Crazy, right?

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So what’s a girl with curves to do at the office when all she wants to do is have her work, not her body, judged? That of course will depend on the field you work in, but for the most part–particularly in more conservative environments–you want to blend in. And while in other areas size may not be important, sizing is massively important when it comes to your work wardrobe.

“If you have to, go up a size,” says Human Resources Recruiter and office expert Angel Ulanday. “No one sees the size in your clothes but they do see how they fit you.”

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