For many women, breastfeeding does not come easy at first. As a new mom, I struggled to breastfeed my daughter. She was born underweight and wasn’t strong enough to latch on to the nipple and suckle. Fortunately, with a lot of perseverance—and more than a few tears on my part—she finally started to latch on and feed regularly. But because I had to give her formula at first, she’s always been a “lazy nurser” and we’ve always supplemented with bottles. Now, at eight months, she prefers my breast milk to powdered formula. And I know that in the first months of her life, she was getting the crucial nutrients she needed to grow and thrive, even if I couldn’t do 100 percent breast milk.

So, Latina mamis, you are leading the movement towards more breastfeeding and healthier babies, who in turn become healthier kids and adults. Let´s keep up the good work!