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COSMO Latina Logo-ReducedNot saying we aren’t proud of some of the stereotypes about how insanely sexy we are, how our families are awesome and how we are great dancers, but guys, there’s a limit. Here’s just a short list of our biggest pet peeves. And yeah, that happened.

Are you “Spanish?”
Unless you genuinely would like to know whether I am Spanish, like from the country Spain, do not ask this. It’s really annoying that people refer to us as Spanish, when that is just the language we speak.

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You don’t look Latina — you’re so light skinned/dark skinned!
As a half Brazilian half Middle Eastern woman, nothing pisses me off more than when people give me the wide eyed omg-you’re-so-white-I –thought-you’d-look-like-Princess-Jasmine look. We come in all colors, shapes — the whole nine! It’s like we can be dark or light, we must be this caramelo color. And stop, because I am still bummed that I don’t look like Princess Jasmine!

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