8. Arroz Con Pollo
Two words for you: One. Pot. As in, you make this delicious dish in one, single, massive pot. Talk about maximum taste with minimum cleanup. Arroz con pollo is a typical dish found in many Latin cuisines. At it’s core it involves chicken, rice and spices, all baked in one pot. There are many variations and the fun part is you can get creative with which vegetables and seasoning you use. Plus it freezes well and is delicious served room temperature, like, say during your kid’s lunch break.

9. Croquetas
Croquetas, among our favorite Latin food recipes, are fritters, otherwise known as a breaded fried food, otherwise known as heaven on earth. They are exactly as melt-in-your-mouth delicious as you are imagining. Typically croquetas are filled with ham and cheese, or some other combination of meat, cheese and vegetables. Needless to say, your kids will love you forever if they get to eat this for lunch.