Dessert-Hack-8 Lactose Free Ice Cream Ideas to Try this Summer-MainPhoto

7. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
We love mint chip ice cream, always have, always will. This recipe mimics a traditional mint chip ice cream using coconut milk as a base, or if you’re going for a raw diet, you can use raw coconut meat, raw cashews and almond milk for your base. The cooking process is the same, and either way you end up with a creamy, delicious, minty frozen treat that looks gorgeous and green (thank you spinach) and tastes amazing.

8. Raspberry Sorbet
Last but not least, if you want a dairy-free frozen treat, go for sorbet, which is by far the healthiest option because it contains no fattening ingredients at all. The base is nothing more than fruit, water, sugar, lime juice, and corn syrup, which means it is light, refreshing and really easy to whip up of your family or your guests at your next backyard BBQ. This is one of the best dairy free ice cream solutions ever.