Dessert-Hack-8 Lactose Free Ice Cream Ideas to Try this Summer-MainPhoto

3. Coffee Coconut Milk Ice Cream with Hot Fudge
Take a simple vegan ice cream (with a coconut milk base) and add some brewed coffee and what do you get? Coffee ice cream, of course. And perhaps the best coffee ice cream you’ve ever had. Top it off with homemade fudge sauce and sprinkles and this is one ice cream sundae that even your kids will devour, just don’t tell them it’s not “real” ice cream. They won’t believe you anyway.


4. Banana Cherry Garcia Soft Serve
Ben & Jerry’s first introduced us to this concept of Cherry Garcia ice cream, but their version packs in a lot of dairy goodness. This recipe is for those ice cream fans who adore that flavor but don’t adore dairy products. The consistency is more like soft serve, which we happen to love. The indulgent dark chocolate chunks (you can use raw chocolate chips too) add just the right amount of texture, while the coconut milk and frozen bananas make the perfect creamy base and the fresh cherries add a tart flavor and a gorgeous color.  This is some of the best dairy free ice cream out there.