Dessert-Hack-8 Lactose Free Ice Cream Ideas to Try this Summer-MainPhoto

1. 2-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream
Perhaps the simplest and fastest recipe on our list, this banana ice cream is shockingly easy to make and looks as creamy and delicious as any ice cream you’ll ever try. Simply freeze some sliced bananas, blend them to a smoothie texture, then add in your mix-in of choice (think cookies, fruit, peanut butter etc.) Blend again, then spread that mixture into a baking dish and freeze until it is a frozen ice cream consistency. Scoop, serve and eat.

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2. Vegan Coconut Ice Cream
When you break down this vegan ice cream recipe to the essentials, you discover that all you need is some full-fat, rich and creamy coconut milk to get ice cream without using any dairy. The coconut milk mixed with the cornstarch and sweetener becomes a creamy, sweet ice cream base, which you then freeze to create the perfect scoop of ice cream. And yes, you can add in whatever fruit/flavor/toppings you want. It will still be delicious and perfect, no matter how you doctor it up.