Business as Usual: 10 Summer Jobs for Your Kid-MainPhoto

Business as Usual: 10 Summer Jobs for Your Kid-MainPhoto

Updated April 30, 2018

As we approach the end of another school year, it’s time to start thinking about summer jobs for the kids. They’re an awesome way for teens to contribute to bigger expenses like college or a car and young children can benefit from the opportunity to earn a little pocket money too. Even the simplest, most menial summer jobs can benefit kids by teaching them about personal finance, teamwork, responsibility and practical skills. According to Marc-David L. Seidel, co-author of a 2014 UBC Sauder School of Business study: “Parents may think that their kids could do better than a job at the local fast food joint. But our study shows even flipping burgers has value.”

It’s never too soon to start planning, so check out these 10 ways for kids of all ages to make money this summer!

1. Babysitting
Babysitting is the classic starter job for tweens, especially those with younger siblings. Most kids are ready to start babysitting around the age of twelve. It sounds young but remember when you babysat and felt so grown-up? Moms should always meet the family and have all of the info (phone number, address, time) for each session. Kids can take an online Babysitting Basics course from the Red Cross for only $29.

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