wants to know what you, as Latina moms think; how you believe the future of our nation should be shaped, and who should be in charge of doing it.

We invite you to make your voice heard by completing the following survey  and make a difference. Latina moms are shaping America every day. As Michelle Obama said in her keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, women’s success is family success.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro gave a moving keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention on September 4, in which he credited his Mexican abuela Victoria, for instilling in him and his brother Joaquín strong work ethics and the desire to be proud and productive American citizens.

He explained how a woman who did not finish fourth grade taught herself to read and write in two languages, and would send her grandkids off to school with her bendición, prompting them to study and better themselves daily. She worked hard, cleaning houses, so that her daughter Rosie, Castro’s mother, could study and have a better future. Castro and his wife Erica in turn gave their blessing to their 3-year-old daughter Carina Victoria—named after his grandmother—a couple of weeks ago when they sent her off to her first day of pre-K.

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“As a dad, I’m going to do my part, and I know she’ll do hers. But our responsibility as a nation is to come together and do our part, as one community, one United States of America, to ensure opportunity for all of our children,” said Castro during his speech.

His motto is “Opportunity today, prosperity tomorrow,” referring to the importance of taking into account our children’s future when we vote in the November elections.

Please take the time to fill out this survey. Let’s contribute to it by sharing our views and reflecting on how we will vote in the upcoming elections.