Have you ever considered the idea of joining a circle of women? It’s not always easy being a woman. We struggle to do it all and be everything to everyone, and sometimes in that process we lose sight of ourselves and of our own needs. And while it’s fairly common for women to feel they are stressed, emotionally exhausted and mentally frustrated, it’s also common for women to just swallow those emotions, rather than working to find the support, inspiration and relief they need. But today is the day that we stop accepting our current emotional state, and instead join together with other women who get it, in an effort to improve our lives and the lives of women around us. It’s time to join a circle of women, and there are a lot of reasons why.

So what exactly is a women’s circle? As Huff Post reports, according to Dr. Birute Regine, a clinical psychologist, life coach and author of Iron Butterflies: Women transforming themselves and the world, a “circle is an ancient process of consultation and communion, a place for slowing down, respectfully listening and being heard, a place to change the conversation and a way of being together that taps into the deep well of wisdom and creative thinking that is so needed in this time and place in history.” In this crazy world where we all get so wrapped up in our never-ending to-do lists, it’s important to take a step back, to focus on yourself and to surround yourself with other people who know where you are coming from, and who want you to be your best. And that’s what a women’s circle is all about. Here are 8 reasons you should join a women’s circle, and never look back.

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1. You’ll be Around People Who Will Listen
How many times have you thought “I have a great idea!” but you felt there was no one to listen to you, to help you, to answer you or to brainstorm with. That’s exactly where a women’s circle comes in handy. Finally you’ll have a group of women who are not only willing to listen, but they are excited to listen. They want to hear what you have to say. And they’ll share their own feelings and thoughts as well, so you can all benefit from each other’s input and from whatever happens to be on your mind. There’s something so special, so rewarding and so important about knowing that you are being heard, and at its core, that’s what a circle is all about.

2. You Will Learn
Never underestimate the power of knowledge and never forget that there is always more we can learn. And books, experts, and educational sources are not the only way to learn. In fact, we can learn so much from other people who have experienced and gained insight from their own encounters. Listen to each other and you will undoubtedly walk away from your circle with new ideas, no information and a new desire to keep learning more.


3. You Will Leave Feeling Empowered
We all have moments where we feel down in the dumps and unmotivated about our life, our job, our family or our relationships, and sometimes we need the help of others to give us a boost. Working together and feeling a sense of community with other women who have been through what you are feeling is just the ticket to feeling empowered and capable of greatness.

4. It’s a Reminder You Are Not Alone
Repeat after us: you are not alone. You are never alone. There is always someone else who has been in your shoes, who knows how you feel, or who wants to help. The best weapon we have to fight insecurity, negativity and life’s challenges is the strength of community. When we come together we can do anything, and we know that not only are we not alone, but we are a part of a team. We have a support system full of people who have our back, who have our best interests at heart and who know what e are going through, so they also know how to help us work through it so we can come out stronger on the other side.


5. You will Lift Each Other Up
According to Kaia Roman, author of The Joy Plan, a women’s circle is a chance to surround yourself with positivity that results from women uplifting women. In her women’s circle “we exchange ideas and take turns leading creative exercises that challenge each other’s intellect in a positive way. Being in the company of women like this will bring out your best qualities, beauty and brilliance — whether you see this for yourself or not.”

6. Think of it as a Networking Opportunity
You’ll not only have a chance to connect with people who you may already know, but you will meet new people, and perhaps even meet people who you can work with professionally or spend time with socially. Think of this circle as a chance to network, to share ideas, to work together in a wide variety of ways, and to expand your world by conversing with new and interesting people.


7. You can be Totally Honest and Open About Your Goals
How often are you presented with a chance to be totally and completely honest, with no repercussions? It doesn’t come along that often, so when you have an opportunity to say what is on your mind and be totally truthful with yourself and others, you need to take advantage of that chance. And this is that chance. A women’s circle is built on the concept of openness, acceptance and honestly. You can share your goals for the future, your fears, your dreams and talk about what is standing in your way. Stating what you want, and putting it out there for the universe (and your circle) to hear is the first step to achieving any goals, and a circle is the perfect environment to do get the ball rolling and make your dreams a reality.


8. You’ll Create a Change in Your Life
Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, and it’s challenging to actually take the plunge into unfamiliar territory and make a change, but a group of supportive, like-minded, skilled and positive women who are all invested in your success as much as their own might be just what you need to spark a transformation in your life. As Slate reports, Katherine Goldstein, the editor of Vanity Fair‘s website, VF.com, started a women’s circle focused on helping peers and friends accomplish their personal and professional goals. And while she found that many of the participants lacked self-esteem in their lives, they also helped each other by setting goals— “we chose improving our networking, pursuing personal projects, and “owning it”–building confidence, finding a personal mission, and working on self-empowerment.” The idea was that by setting goals collectively they would hold each other accountable for actually working towards those objectives. And the same can apply to you and your women’s circle—work together, be open-minded, be honest, be passionate, be dedicated, and amazing things can happen.