It was the elevator fight of heard ‘round the world when Jay Z and his wife’s sister Solange had the infamous altercation that started it all. What did it start? Well, aside from rumors about Solange’s mental and emotional stability, there was rampant speculation about Jay Z and Beyoncé’s marriage. Sadly (as if the world doesn’t have enough real tragedy to contend with), the tabloids have been working overtime digging up dirt about the alleged Jay Z and Beyoncé divorce.

From TMZ to respected media outlets nationwide, reporters were jumping onto the ‘Is their marriage falling apart’ bandwagon. Why do we care? Hip-Hop historian Jeff Chang says of the Beyoncé, Jay Z union, “It’s the closest thing to love that we have in America, this marriage.” So, we care. We’re emotionally invested. Some of us maybe just as much as Jay Z and Bey! So, here are 10 reasons why we don’t want to believe the Jay Z and Beyoncé divorce rumors.

1. Theyre the king and queen of hip-hop.
And they’ve reigned over all that is the genre for years. What would we do if a divorce threw them both into an R&B funk?!

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