Express-Yourself-How-to-Self-Publish-a-Book-Photo2April 23 is UNESCO’s World Book Day. The holiday was created in 1995 to celebrate Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, both writers who died on April 23. The event is marked to celebrate authors and promote literacy, but it also urges and educates about copyright, something that is infringed upon and violated every day on the Internet.

Different countries and cities in the U.S. mark the day differently. In England it is customary for children to dress up as their favorite literary characters. I can see all the Dickens’ characters and Harry Potters walking around the streets of London!

In the U.S., many schools and libraries across the country mark the day with storytimes and book fairs, but if you are not sure how the day is being observed in your area, check your local paper or…sigh, the Internet. If you can’t find anything, then have your own event. Invite friends, go to a bookstore, share books and stories about books.