2. Chaz Bono
Long before Jenner was a famous name in the context of the transgender world, Chaz Bono (formerly Chastity Bono) made waves by announcing that she had plans on transitioning to become a man. Chaz was the only child of superstar couple Cher and Sonny Bono, and made frequent appearances on Sonny & Cher’s show as a little girl back in the 70s. But in recent years Bono admitted to suffering from confusion regarding her sexuality and gender identity, and in 2009 she announced that she would transition from female to male. Chaz shared his story and transition in a documentary “Becoming Chaz,” and appeared on Oprah, explaining that it felt like “my body was literally betraying me…you have this image of yourself and all of a sudden your body does the exact opposite of what you feel.” Now 47 years old and a transgender man, Chaz helps to raise awareness for the transgender community and is an advocate for trans rights.