No Name-Calling
You should express how you feel with words that educate and are aimed at finding a solution, rather than words that are aimed at knocking the other person down and insulting them on a deeper level. Name-calling is immature and mean, and it won’t solve anything. In the end if you use rude, hurtful and biting tactics you’ll end up in a fight that never really goes away, because those abusive words are hard to forget and hard to move past.

Really Listen
You are arguing for a reason, and if you want to work through that reason and eliminate it as an issue in the future, you need to listen to what everyone involved has to say. And not just pretend to listen—really listen. Hear them and think about why they feel that way. Don’t roll your eyes and don’t try to counter every statement with your own defense argument. Sometimes it’s OK to just hear them and move on.