Be consistent with rules and don’t give in. If your child is making demands, and being inflexible, don’t give in just so you can have some peace and quiet. If your toddler throws his bowl of spaghetti on the floor after you’ve told him not to in the past, take him out of his high chair and call a time out. Stick with the rules you set and the type of punishment you enforce. Remember, consistency is key with toddlers. Bending the rules will only send your child a mixed message, which will only confuse them and invite them to test your limits even more.

We spend so much of our days saying no to our kids in a million different ways that we sometime don’t praise the goods things our toddlers do all day. It’s important to constantly strengthen their self-esteem. Children remember the positive statements we say to them, storing them up in their heads and replaying these statements to themselves. Ask your child to help you with simple chores like sweeping up around the house or watering the plants or helping you unload the groceries. You’ll see how excited they will get when you praise their help. Helping, makes them feel important and grown up without having to boss someone else around.