Don’t worry if you don’t think you have a green thumb; tons of modern advances in the world of gardening have made it really simple to achieve a garden of your very own. And if you really want to take your gardening to another level, then it’s about time you learn what it means to graft your own plants. Grafting is a technique of gardening where instead of just planting a seed for one type of plant, you combine parts from two different plants so that they grow together, resulting in a totally unique type of plant. It sounds a little bit like a crazy experiment by a mad scientist, but this practice of grafting has actually been going on for thousands of years.

According to Adrian Higgins, gardening columnist for the Washington Post, “those ancient Greek and Chinese gardeners knew that the right match could produce a plant greater than the sum of its parts—the roots of the first would make the leafy second more vigorous and fruitful.” Grafting plants is the future of planting and it allows you to create plants that can stand up to weather conditions and be more fruitful over time. And before you assume that grafting is a new or futuristic phenomenon, you should know that many of the plants in your yard or at your local florist are actually grafted. Like, for example those breathtaking hybrid roses you always buy or the heirloom tomatoes you love? Grafted.