Slack Off With Your Work
Taurus are all about hard work and perseverance. They set goals, they work hard to achieve them, and they celebrate their success. What they don’t do is slack off, and they have a really hard time understanding someone else who does. They also have high expectations of others, especially in relationships. A Taurus values beauty, perfection and holds themselves and those around them to high standards. If you don’t meet those standards (perhaps because you don’t share the same definition of success or happiness) they won’t understand you.


Be Disloyal
Perhaps the #1 quality shared by Taurus is their loyalty to others. They value their relationships and guard those relationships and the people and things they love with all their energy and strength. And if someone breaks that trust or doesn’t return the same level of loyalty then things will get ugly really fast. If you’re a Taurus then you are probably holding on to a grudge from years ago when that ex-boyfriend or ex-friend really screwed you over and pissed you off, so you get what we’re talking about. Do not be disloyal; it’s a guaranteed way to drive your Taurus friends crazy.