Make Fun of Them for Being Sensitive
Taurus are very sensitive even though they can often pretend to have a tough shell. They might not show a ton of emotion when they are in the zone, but when it comes down to who they really are and how they really feel, they get super emotional and can take situations personally. Be careful not to toy with them or strike a nerve if you know they are affected by certain actions or insults. And beware—they can get jealous, so an innocent flirtation or biting comment could come back and bite you in the behind.


Ask Them to do Something They Don’t Want to Do
Because Taurus are so driven, so set in their ways and so certain that they know what is right, they really hate being forced to do something that goes against their beliefs. Of course in life no one always gets their way, and one of the keys to success is learning to compromise and trust others. That said, Taurus have a much harder time with this than others. When they are asked to something they don’t want to do, they become annoyed and lazy, just to avoid taking action in a direction they don’t like. If you want to drive a Taurus crazy, boss them around and make them do something you know they don’t enjoy.