Now, before you have too much fun, be careful. Remember that your kids are not just having fun with you, but they are also watching you and learning from you at all times. According to psychologist and author, Lisa Firestone Ph.D., “children develop behaviors through observing their parents in day-to-day life. Every behavior that a parent engages in should be worthy of imitating because children will imitate it.” In other words, your kids are always watching. Never forget that you are their #1 role model, and if you make a careless move in an effort to be fun, they’ll not only think that’s OK, they’ll do it too. And just like that, all your good parenting efforts go out the window just because you wanted to be cool. In the end, it’s never easy to find balance as a parent, but since when is any part of raising a child easy? The good news is that it’s totally worth it.