How to Be a Successful Single Mom


When Tanya got divorced she found herself raising a young child without a job. She knew she needed to work in order to sustain her two-person family unit, but also wanted the flexibility to devote time to her child. By accident, she discovered that she could write for a living. “I have always had writing skills and dreamed of becoming a writer. When I got divorced, I finally decided to jump into my dream.” Tanya asserts that “she had a lot of fear” at the beginning. “I didn’t study journalism and although I had always been a writer, I never did it as my career,” she adds. But the experiment paid off. “I wanted to pick him up from school and volunteer in his school functions. I wanted the best of both worlds.” And she got it. Although she doesn’t sleep that much sometimes, having to work during every free opportunity, especially when her child’s asleep at night, for Tanya “it’s totally worth it!”