11-Things-You'll-Love-About-Your-Taurus-Man-Fling-MainPhoto1. Derek Jeter
We’re not saying you should actually swoon after this baseball star as he recently was quoted by TMZ sports as having said, “I’ll never retire from nailing hot chicks.” Nice. He was a shortstop for the Yankee for 19 years during which he achieved greatness (and hotness) both on and off the field. His conquests include Jessica Alba, 3,316 hits, Jessica Beil, five Silver Sluggers awards, Mariah Carey and five World Series titles.

2. They know how to work a bat
A man who can handle a big stick is worth his weight in… well, something, we’re sure. At the very least, they can be trusted with a broom and we all know that men who do housework are hot!

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