Hollywood-Ram-20-Famous-Capricorns-we-Adore-MainPhotoThe fact that these 20 famous Capricorns (December 22 – January 19) became celebrities is a no brainer if you know a thing or two about astrology. For one, this earth sign represented by the noble goat, enjoys working, and when faced with stress, they will work even harder. A trait that anyone needs to make it in Hollywood, the music business or in any career for that matter. Their ambition is boundless, yet they are usually cautious and responsible.

Since they work so hard they usually earn a lot in return, so when it comes to money these wise Caps aren’t going to go spend it in all in one place, opting for being shrewd with their hard earned dollars. “Capricorns will motivate anyone to spend less of everything,” says the astrologer Andrea Valeria, author of Astrological Intelligence. “Their drive makes the rest of us feel that we are missing something, or lacking it entirely.” Here are twenty charismatic and hard- working capricorn celebrities we just love to admire.

1. Christy Turlington, born on January 2 1969
We love this stunning supermodel made famous by Calvin Klein’s ads, because not only is she smart, but she is part El Salvadorian.

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2. Kate Middleton, born January 2, 1982
Who doesn’t admire the Duchess of Cambridge? She’s totally on the ball, never loses her cool, diplomatic, and a royal class act.

3. Sienna Miller, born December 28, 1981
From model to actress to fashion designer to mom, brains and beauty just come all too naturally to Sienna.


4. Zooey Deschanel, born January 17, 1980
We may have fallen in love with her witty personality on The New Girl, but Zooey’s been working hard in show biz since she was 17.

5. Helena Christensen, December 25, 1968
The stunning green-eyed supermodel with the Peruvian mother has fascinated us with her aloof cool in music videos and fashion magazines. This is one of the famous Capricorns that likely smolders in her sleep.

6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, January 13, 1961
We laughed with Julia starting with her role as the smart-talking Elaine on Seinfeld to her Emmy award performance in the political comedy Veep.

Hollywood-Ram-20-Famous-Capricorns-we-Adore-photo77. January Jones, January 5, 1978
Here role as ice queen Betty Draper on Mad Men is the perfect blend of Grace Kelly meets the American housewife.

8. Paz Vega, born January 2, 1976
Known for her role in Spanglish, in her native Spain gutsy Paz starred in art house movie roles ranging from Santa Teresa to the bold Carmen. She’s one of the famous Capricorns we love the most.

Hollywood-Ram-20-Famous-Capricorns-we-Adore-photo9 9. Michelle Obama, born January 17, 1964
The First Lady never ceases to wow us: She attended Princeton University and earned a law degree from Harvard Law School.

10. Kate Moss, born January 16, 1974
Party animal, mom, and businesswoman, the petit supermodel has fascinated us forever with her rock star attitude and far-out fashion sense.

11.Pitbull, January 15, 1981
The slick rapper son of Cuban expatriates thrilled us once again with his  “We Are One (Ole Ola)” song with Jennifer Lopez for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Hollywood-Ram-20-Famous-Capricorns-we-Adore-photo1212. Liam Hemsworth, born January 19, 1990
The soulful and hunky Hunger Games star (and Miley Cyrus ex) looks good with a beard and even better in a wet suit.

13. Jared Leto, born December 26, 1971
His bold and crazy role in The Dallas Buyers Club won him an Academy Award in 2014. Good work, Jared! He is one of the capricorn celebrities that gets us every time.


14. Orlando Bloom, born January 13, 1977
Not just a pretty face, Orlando is the ultimate period piece and fantasy actor starring in hits such

15. David Bowie, January 8, 1947
Could he be one of the boldest, most creative and hardest working person the music industry has ever seen? Yes. And we love Bowie.

Hollywood-Ram-20-Famous-Capricorns-we-Adore-photo1616. Denzel Washington, born December 28, 1954
Can you say big star power? Denzel excels at every dramatic role he takes on. He’s also easy on the eyes.

17. Jim Carey, born January 17, 1962.
Serious about making us laugh and cry, the man is tireless when it comes to stretching his face, body and mind to all dramatic limits.


18. Ricky Martin, born December 24, 1971
The Puerto Rican singing star and actor has worked hard in show biz since he first started in Menudo at age twelve. Like wine, he gets better over time.

19. Bradley Cooper, born January 5, 1975
Seemingly at the top of his game, the Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle star remains on the rise.


20. Jude Law, born December 29, 1972
Seems this good-looking bloke can’t help but play by Capricorns’ rules for working hard and playing hard. Hey, Jude, guess what? You’re one of the capricorn celebrities that makes us literally quiver.