10 Mouthwatering Historical Facts about Hoagies-SliderPhoto

10-Ways-to-Master-the-Architecture-of-a-Sandwich-photo59. At Lou’s, a sandwich shop in Philadelphia, you can order a Zep (short for zeppelin, another name for a sub based on the blimp shape). For 70 years, they’ve been making zeps according to their traditional recipe: a fresh-baked roll layered with not-too-sharp provolone cheese, cooked salami, tomatoes, onions, and olive oil. Hot peppers are optional. Zeps never contain lettuce.

10. In Hoboken, NJ, where subs are called blimpies, the first Blimpie sub shop opened in 1964. The stores were originally called Blimpie Bases, alluding to the sandwiches’ resemblance to a blimp.