2. Her Campaign Trailer
Hillary’s candidacy is a game-changer in big ways and little ways. The campaign trailer may not seem like a big deal, but the video Hillary released to announce her candidacy was a refreshing departure from the usual formula. Most trailers are like extended campaign ads focusing on the candidate looking like a leader, yet of the people, and discussing his or her stance on chosen issues. Hers focuses on the people she wants to represent and what their personal goals are. We don’t see Hillary until halfway through when she emphasizes her goals and how they relate to all Americans.

3. We Feel Like We Know Her
Hillary Clinton has been in the spotlight since 1992. An entire generation of Americans have watched her progress from an outspoken First Lady to a wronged wife to a proud mom to a U.S. Senator to a presidential candidate to Secretary of State and now a second run at the presidency. More than most other candidates, Hillary is “real” to us.