UPDATED April 24, 2018

They say that sex is like tennis: when it’s good, it’s awesome. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.  But guess what? It seems there are many health benefits to female climax and sex. Doctors and scientists agree that a healthy sex life may increase a person’s overall well-being.  Women climaxing can provide relief to symptoms of depression and reduce stress.  Specifically, orgasms can have many health benefits. As Huff Post reports, a study conducted by the University of New York in Albany reported that semen acts as a natural antidepressant (for both men and women). The semen acts like an injection of antidepressant that gets absorbed by the vaginal tissue and goes directly into the bloodstream, thus reducing depression.  Semen may also lower blood pressure in women.

Another study conducted in Amsterdam suggests that women who perform oral sex and swallow the sperm during pregnancy have less incidences of preeclampsia. Evidently, male orgasms  are not only good for men—they are also good for us! But what about the female climax? Are there any health benefits for women when they reach the big “O”? The answer is a big resounding YES. Here’s our list:

1. Tension Reliever
Orgasms relieve tension. Orgasms make the heart beat fast, which increases blood flow throughout the body. The muscular tautness experienced during sex is relieved through an orgasm, thus leading to a state of relaxation. Additionally, an orgasm relieves the tensions of the nervous system.

2. Sleep Aid
Orgasms lead to better sleep because they act like a tranquilizer. The endorphins released during sex have a calming effect. It’s the reason you feel like conking out after you release.

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