Mindblowing Orgasms Keep the Doctor Away-MainPhoto

Mindblowing Orgasms Keep the Doctor Away-MainPhoto

Although this may sound funny, there are many health benefits of orgasm. As the saying goes: Sex is like tennis. When it’s good, it’s awesome. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. If you reach a climax, the experience is not only pleasurable — a great orgasm is also great for your health.

Doctors and scientists agree that a healthy sex life may increase a person’s overall wellbeing.  Sex can provide relief from symptoms of depression and reduce stress. Specifically, there are many health benefits of orgasm — yours and his! For example, a 2011 study conducted by the State University of New York reported that semen acts as a natural antidepressant (for both men and women). The semen acts like an injection of antidepressant that is absorbed by the vaginal tissue and goes directly into the bloodstream, thus reducing depression. Semen may also lower blood pressure in women. A study conducted in Amsterdam suggests that women who perform oral sex and swallow the sperm during pregnancy have less incidences of preeclampsia. Therefore, semen can better your cardio health!

But Are there any health benefits for women when they reach the big O? As a matter of fact, there are. Here are a few health benefits of orgasm.

Tension Relief
Orgasms make the heart beat fast, which increases the blood flow throughout the body. The muscular tautness that is experienced during sex is relieved through climax thus leading to a state of relaxation. Additionally, an orgasm relieves nervous system tension.

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Natural Sleep Aid
One of the best orgasm benefits is better sleep. The endorphins released during sex act like a tranquilizer and have a calming effect.

Curb Cravings
During sexual arousal the body produces phenetylamine, which is a natural amphetamine that may help to reduce cravings for junk food and, in some cases, even smoking.


Weight Loss
After sleep, this is the second best health benefits of orgasm. Scientists estimate that an orgasm burns between 60-100 calories. And that is not even counting all of the calories you burn prior to reaching it! (Hooray to those multi-orgasmic women!!!)

Pain Relief
Have you ever noticed that menstrual cramps and headaches vanish during an orgasm? Endorphins released during sex can increase pain tolerance in almost 70% of women during an orgasm. So next time you want to say, “Not tonight, Honey, I have a headache”, beware: your partner may know this information and offer the solution!


Overall, an orgasm feels phenomenal. Centuries ago, when women suffered from hysteria and other mental illnesses, doctors blamed it on depression and many practitioners theorized that women were depressed due to lack of sexual stimulation. Therefore, they recommended strategies for reaching a climax to help women improve their mental health. Although there may not be a measure of how much orgasms lead to happiness, there is no need for a lot of scientific evidence to attest to the fact that reaching an orgasm is a source of instant gratification!

Besides all the health benefits of orgasm, when you climax during sexual intercourse with your partner, you may feel more appreciative of the experience and your partner for facilitating the process by which you reach such a level of pleasure. And orgasms may, just like sex, strengthen the bond with your sexual partner. If you reach an orgasm (or many) alone, you still benefit, and you reach a higher level of awareness about your body. So next time you are sexually stimulated, think about how the big O may give you two big Hs: one for health and one for happiness!