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8. Buff and File Lightly
In between manis, use the proper tools to buff and file your nails into top coat-worthy ultra-shininess and smoothness. “Always file nails in one direction to prevent damage, chipping and cracking,” Elle recommends.   Nailing-It!-15-Ways-to-Have-Total-Cuticle-Control-photo2

These buffers do the job beautifully, especially on ridges and stains, sans stripping nails’ top surface layer; the files are professionals’ choice:
CND Glossing Block ($4.50)
Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator 4-Way Nail Buffer ($12)
O•P•I Brilliance Block ($4.05)
O•P•I 1 X Use Silver 150/180 Nail File ($2.25)
Tweezerman Eco Friendly File 100/180 Grit ($2.50)