Lil Dutch Maid Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hershey’s kisses
Colored tube icing in various colors (thin)
Chocolate Chips
Paraffin Wax (found in the canning aisle of the grocery store)
Double boiler or chocolate melting pot

1. Using a double boiler or a chocolate melting pot, melt 1½ cups of chocolate chips with ¼ inch of the block of Paraffin wax, shaved into the chocolate chips. This is used to bind the chocolate and allow it to cool without being sticky.
2. Once the chocolate is melted, dip one side of the cookie flat side down into the chocolate, just enough to coat the flat side of the cookie.
3. Let the chocolate covered cookies cool on parchment paper.
4. Using the tube icing as glue, squirt a quarter size of icing onto the Hershey kiss and place it on top of the chocolate covered side of the cookie.
5. Draw a line and bow around the bottom of the Hershey kiss as a decoration.