8 Cute Bangs To Match Your Face Photo 3Bangs are back in a big way this hairstyle season. Thanks to celebs like Jessica Biel and Selena Gomez who are rocking the hairstyle trend, it’s (once again) time for our obsession with forehead fringe to kick into full-gear. What’s not to love? Bangs can hide forehead lines, make hair appear thicker, and some hairstylists say it’s like an instant facelift – if you wear them the right way, that is. “Bangs are a classic,” says celebrity stylist and salon owner Mark Garrison. “We just have to continue reinventing them so they stay fresh and modern.”

Contemplating jumping on the trend? Experts say there are a few hairstyle factors to take in to consideration. Do you want edgy blunt-cut bangs, sexy side-swept locks or a flirty peek-a-boo? After all, not all fringe is created equal. “Discuss with your stylist what bangs are best for you, but in general, blunt bangs give a more severe, edgy look [and] wispy [are] softer and sexier,” says Nicole Contrastano of Pierre Michel Salon in NYC.

If you’ve had fringe on the mind or just want to update your current hairstyle – we have you covered! From 60’s chic to edgy micro, check out these expert tips from renowned celebrity stylists on creating your signature look.8 Cute Bangs To Match Your Face Photo 1

1. Side-Swept
According to hairstyle experts, opt for a side-swept if you’re not quite ready for full on bangs. “If you’re curious but still cautious, opt for a wispy side bang,” says Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend.. “You can eventually make the leap to full-blown fringe when you’re ready.”

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2. Curtain Bangs
Parted down the middle, this gives a casual and flirty feel to hair. This look works best when bangs are longer and tapered to the sides and the wispy side layers look soft and feminine, especially for women with square shaped faces. “The tapered ends create angles, which help to soften your jawline and bring attention to your eyes,” says top celebrity hair stylist John Francis.8 Cute Bangs To Match Your Face Photo 3

3. 60’s Inspired
Thanks to style trendsetters like Zooey Deschanel, the thick, layered Brigitte Bardot look is back big time. To avoid looking too “feathered”, blow-dry strands from side to side using a flat brush, with the dryer blowing from above to ensure that ends lie flat instead of rounded. Experts add that this bold take looks best on lighter hued ladies. “Lighter-color hair is good for long, bold bangs. Those with dark hair need to be careful on length and boldness of the cut—it may overpower the face,” explains Beverly Hills–based celeb stylist Mika Fowler.

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4. Messy and Textured
Want to rock the look of Taylor Swift’s edgier banged bob? Ask your stylist for textured, undone take. “It’s about having more personality right now,” says celeb stylist Kevin Mancuso. “Perfectly pretty is not right for the current look,” adds Mancuso.8 Cute Bangs To Match Your Face Photo 5

5. Blunt and Straight
One of the most flattering styles, “Blunt bangs work best with naturally straight, medium density hair,” says Jenna Mast, stylist at FRED and spokesperson for Briogeo Hair Care. According to experts, this style works best for longer faces, and will require a lot of maintenance. “Use a paddle brush when blow drying and a good flat iron to keep them polished,” says Eric Rosado, senior stylist for Ted Gibson in New York City. “See your stylist every three weeks for a trim to keep your style looking fresh in between cuts”

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6. Curly
If you thought bangs were only for straight-haired girls, experts say think again. Curly haired ladies can sport the trend, too – as long as it’s the right cut. “For textured, thick hair, have your stylist texturize your bangs, removing some bulk, plus soften the ends to create a light airy finish,” says stylist David Babaii. Just be prepared to style this look every day, as curly bangs are a high-maintenance (but worth the effort) look.8 Cute Bangs To Match Your Face Photo 7

7. Micro Bangs
These Bettie Page-esque version sits just above the eyebrow and create an edgier look. “Bangs cut above the brows are strong,” says celeb hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins. “It becomes a fashion statement.” Baby bangs look great with a bit of hair texture so they don’t fall flat on the forehead. Since this look is typically very short, experts say they require more maintenance. “Super short bangs are something you have to work on every morning. It’s not a style that flows – you have to wake up and iron them down. It’s not a wash and go type of style,” explains hairstylist Ursula Stephen.8 Cute Bangs To Match Your Face Photo 8

8. Medium Length
If you’re down for something more daring, try medium bangs, which are longer than micro bangs but shouldn’t quite hit your eyebrows. “It’s a nod to retro but looks futuristic and clean,” says L.A. stylist Jon Reyman.

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