Ground Rules for Guy's Night Out-MainPhoto

Ground Rules for Guy's Night Out-MainPhoto

It’s time for a guys’ night out. You work hard, you provide for your family, now it’s time to relax with the guys and maybe take in a ball game or celebrate a buddy’s last night of bachelorhood. Like every activity, there are rules to follow to make sure the evening ends in pleasant memories and nothing more. Stick to these 10 rules for Guys’ Night Out and everyone will have fun and stay safe, and no one will need to make bail!

1. Everyone gets home safe.
Choose a designated driver. Unless there’s one guy who doesn’t drink at all, rotate the duty. Being the DD means no alcohol, not just one or two. It also means everyone makes it home to their loved ones. If you can’t agree on a designated driver, rent a driver or a party bus and arrange for everyone to crash at a central location to sleep it off.

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2. No one gets left behind.
Like the Marines, you make sure everyone makes it home, even that guy who flirts and tries to pick up the cute blonde at the bar. You came as a group, you leave as a group. Do you want to be the one to call your buddy’s wife and explain he was fine the last time you saw him?

3. You avoid danger zones.
You’re out for entertainment, so avoid trouble. No strip clubs, no warehouse raves, and no dog fights. Danger aside, you avoid the risk of arrest or theft. Plus, you’re not a group of college kids anymore; you’re too old for that crap.

4. No one goes broke.
Say you take in a night at the casino or your buddy’s game room and a friendly poker game. Agree to a pre-set limit and stick to it, such as a $50 max at poker or a similar limit at the slot machines. You can’t prevent someone from spending the rent money, but you can certainly try.

5. You edit photos.
The group selfie at the ball game, fine. The shot of your buddy licking a waitress’ neck, funny at the time, not so good for his marriage the next day. Take a moment to review the evening’s festivities in photos and delete accordingly before posting on Facebook.

6. No drugs.
Remember the Hangover movies? Enough said.

7. No additions.
That really funny guy you met at the bar might fit in great with the group. He might also be setting you up for robbery or getting ready to hurl in your back seat.

8. If you’re late, check in.
We’ve all experienced those horrible moments when a loved one is overdue and the phone won’t ring. If you’re due home at midnight and you’re going to be later, let her know. A quick, private text will keep you from looking henpecked and keep the peace.

9. Don’t do anything you can’t tell your wife about.
Go to the ball game, enjoy the friendly poker game in the basement, but act like a grown up. If you can’t describe the evening to your significant other, don’t do it.

10. Own up.
If you were out late, acted like a jerk or did something stupid like get your car towed, admit it, apologize, and move on. And vow never to do it again.

And one last thought; you’re a grown up man with responsibilities and loved ones who want to see you again. And fair is fair; if you get a night out, so does the wife. She stayed home with the kids, a bowl of popcorn and a Disney movie. Next time, it’s your turn!