Add a Burst of Color
You can’t really go wrong with a white cake, but you also might not even notice the cake in a room full of people. If you want a cake that sort of blends into the background, that’s fine, but if you want your cake to make an impression and be a focal point, take Martha Stewart’s advice and opt for a burst of color instead. For example, yellow or green can feel light and happy, a deep red wedding cake is romantic and sexy, blue can feel royal and bold, beautiful colors will always get people’s attention.

Be Inspired by Architecture
Choose a cake design and structure that is inspired by architectural designs you love. You can get creative with the shape, layout and format of your cake. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, “just as an architect is given the parameters of a building site, a cake maker is given the requirements of the wedding celebration. Then a basic decision must be made: either to build horizontally as if creating an office complex in the suburbs, or to construct vertically, as in an urban skyscraper.”