Remember, the wedding cake is a big deal. Famous wedding cake designer Sylvia Weinstock explains “I see the wedding cake as a beautiful celebration of life. In my new book, Sensational Cakes, I talk about how it’s a way of sharing joy with your loved ones. It’s the ultimate symbol of two families coming together to start a third.” It’s not just dessert and it’s more than just an extension of your table centerpieces. The cake represents your future and your love, and it should taste delicious, look beautiful, and suit your style as you begin your life together.

Weinstock suggests that before a couple chooses a cake, they gather photos of wedding cake ideas they like from wedding magazines and websites. Create a vision board for your cake, but keep in mind that what you end up choosing might be very different from how you always envisioned your cake. And remember that you might need to compromise on your cake design so that you don’t sacrifice structure, flavor and quality. Trust the experts, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative. If you want to play it a little bit safe with your wedding style, then your cake is a great way to experiment a little bit with color, accessories, design and even flavor.

Here are some fun ways to create a wedding cake that is modern, fresh, gorgeous and memorable: