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And just because it is bikini season does not mean you need to skip dessert. To end things on a sweet note, grill some fresh fruit for a tasty treat that will make your taste buds and your waist happy. The best fruits to grill are pineapple, watermelon, peach, plum and banana; go for anything sturdy and sweet. Or you could try this recipe for a Grilled Rhubarb Brown Betty that sounds a little too good to be true.

Last but certainly not least on your BBQ grills, do not forget that at the end of your insanely delicious grilled meal, you need to clean your grill properly if you want your next meal to taste as good. Plus, it’s a matter of cleanliness and it will help ensure the safest food environment so that you don’t ingest harmful residue that can build up after each BBQ. Here’s a quick and easy checklist to help you clean your grill in no time.

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