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If fish is what you fancy, don’t be scared to prepare it on the grill. It might be a slightly more intimidating cooking method, but it’s actually easier than you think to grill fish. There are several method and tools to help you: you can grill on a wooden plank, in a cook basket, in parchment paper or on a skewer, all of which help prevent the fish from flaking and falling into your flame. In addition, certain fish are more grill-friendly than others—-salmon, sea bass, mahi mahi, snapper and swordfish all grill beautifully.

If you’re a burger and hot dog kinda girl, we hear you. Few things can compare to a perfectly cooked burger straight off the grill, but this season in grilling ideas why don’t you try something new (and healthier) by using turkey meat to build the perfect patty. This recipe is shockingly simple, incredibly easy to make, and pretty much impossible to mess up. It’s full of flavor and so juicy you won’t even miss your red meat.