There’s simply no rational reason to think of spring trends versus winter trends, or to divide your wardrobe into seasonal categories anymore, ladies. These days, with unpredictable weather patterns that offer us chilly spring nights or torrential summer rain, keeping some basic accessories handy from last season’s colder months can add chicness to your spring look and refresh old outfits.  According to British fashion stylist, Mark Heyes: “Seasonal fashion is becoming obsolete, so we need to be thinking more carefully about investment pieces that can see us throughout the different seasons.  Buying investment pieces can also help us save a bit of money in the long-run as the high quality staples will last longer and work much harder for us! Between-season dressing is all about knowing what to wear and when, learning to layer and good little styling tricks. Designers are now pretty clever in the way they create trends that work across different seasons, which means you can buy something in December that you can work a look with in July.”

So before you spend your paycheck on a whole new spring wardrobe, start by adapting those fall/winter staples hibernating in your closest and giving them a new purpose. Here are five easy ways to revamp your accessories, and your look, for the warmer weather—and stay true to spring trends.

1. Boot (Summer) Camp
There is nothing cuter than a short flowy summer dress paired with worn-in ankle boots. Especially on days when you need to stomp around doing errands and it’s raining like cats and dogs outside. For the best spring styles, go for a light color boot, so it elongates your legs.

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2. Belts in a Cinch
A belt of any size can instantly transform any old dress into a cool new outfit. Remember that thick belt you wore over your favorite winter blazer? Or that obi belt you tied over that sweater dress? Cinch one on to a sleeveless one piece jump suit and strut your stuff.


3. Tights on the Loose
Did you buy a new summer dress to wear to that outdoor wedding and the temperature plunged suddenly? Do not fret. Just dip into your sock drawer and grab a pair of tights or lace stockings and wear them with your favorite open toe sandal with a heel. Very cute, very Victoria Beckham.


4. Scarf Masquerade
As long as it’s not a thick cable knit or itchy wool type, any rayon, silk, or cotton blended scarf is as versatile as you want it to be.  And we’re not just talking about wearing them around your necks either. When it comes to spring styles, feel free to turn it into a head band, ankle scarf, wrist scarf, or a scarf necklace.

5. Bling Bonanza
The fashion world has been hot for jewelry these past seasons, even in the dead of winter: Bracelets up to the elbow, dramatic chokers, and chandelier earrings. Now that the warm weather is here (and you don’t need a coat or hat) go to town on the skin bling.