2. Quinoa Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe
We love a good pancake breakfast on the weekend, but without gluten pancakes can sometimes taste a little bit blah. This recipe using quinoa flour and canned pumpkin is naturally sweet without going overboard, moist thanks to the Greek yogurt and super easy to make. A great recipe for the whole family—kids can top it off with whipped cream or syrup, though it really doesn’t need any of those toppings because it is that good.


3. Quinoa Flour Pizza Crust
Pizza? Without gluten? Wait, seriously?! Yes, seriously. You can make pizza crust using quinoa flour, and it’s actually good. The results will be crispier than a traditional pizza dough, but who doesn’t love thin crust, crunchy pizza anyway? And the best part is you can top the crust off with any pizza toppings you want, so even your gluten-free friends can indulge in a fun pizza party.