2. Pigs in a Blanket
This is party appetizers 101. In fact, it’s not a party until the pigs in the blanket arrive. Sure, you could just buy the pre-wrapped, frozen variety (we’ve done it, they STILL taste good), but why not get a little fancy and create these homemade pigs for your guests. It only takes a little effort but the addition of caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and sesame seeds on flakey pastry dough make a big difference that you can taste. And since you’re throwing a BBQ, serving the hot dogs as appetizers instead of a main course alongside burgers will surprise and delight guests. Though they probably won’t tell you so—they’ll be too busy inhaling the food. You simply can’t go wrong with these porky little appetizers for a crowd.

3. Bacon Wrapped Apricots with Sage
Bacon = a real crowd pleaser at any party. In the summer the best way to serve bacon (other than, you know, as strips of bacon) is to wrap something light and fresh. This recipe takes dried apricots and tops them off with fresh sage and bacon. The wraps are baked, which means you can prepare them ahead of time and then cook them in your kitchen, far from the chaos of the grill. All together now: YUM.