It’s almost a new year, and there’s never been a better time to embrace a new you, and experiment with some new looks. But don’t wait for 2016 to kick off your fresh face. New Years Eve looks are the perfect excuse to get creative with your style and break out of your fashion rut so you can look and feel flawless. After all, this night doesn’t just set the tone for the evening, but the tone for your entire year. And your fellow party guests and friends won’t just see what you wear; it will live forever on social media. A recent article in the International Business Times argues that “New Year’s Eve parties are the closest most of us will get to a big red carpet moment, and finding the perfect dress, makeup and hair style is crucial to looking your best for the parade of Facebook and Instagram photos you likely will spend all night posing for in between guzzling sparkling wine and trying to find someone to kiss at midnight.” Truth.

So what’s a girl to wear? Sure, a little black dress never fails, and if you can’t rock sequins on NYE when can you? But as far as predictable, boring ensembles go, black and glittery are pretty much at the top of the list as you ring in the new year. Here are some stylish New Years Eve looks to try that will not only make you feel flirty, fashionable and fun, but will also make you turn heads, guaranteed. Let the celebrations (and the New Year) begin!

Rocker Chic
If you thought that NYE was only for polished and elegant apparel, you were wrong. The rocker chic look is everywhere, from runways to fashion magazines to the streets of New York City, London and other fashion forward cities. It’s a great go-to look, because it’s comfortable and easy to achieve. All you need are some well-fitting ripped jeans, a slouchy t-shirt, leather moto jacket, ankle boots and some stackable bracelets. And in a room full of people wearing sparkly tops and heels, you’ll definitely stand out just by looking like a bit of a badass.

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Sporty and Stylish
If you’re not a girly girl, and you feel your best in a boyfriend sweater (aka slightly oversized, slouchy, comfortable and simple) then you’ll be pleased to know that yes, you can wear that favorite frock to a New Year celebration. And beyond that, you can even wear your perpetually comfortable and cool sneakers, you just need to know what to pair them with so you don’t look sloppy when you walk in the door. Go for a pair of fitted pants in a tailored fabric to balance the casual tone of the sweater and shoes. Even leather pants can work; just make sure they fit well. You’ll look sporty and effortlessly cool, and that comfort and confidence will definitely get you noticed.


Classic and Cool
A classic, well-made suit with a modern fit packs a lot of sex appeal without being too obvious or flashy. And if you really want to get noticed, rock a white on white suit (or white pants with a white tailored jacket or top) for a shocking look that no one else will be sporting. Pair the suit with heels, sexy tousled hair and glamorous makeup to make sure you look more evening and less business.

A Silk Jumpsuit
If you’ve been fighting the urge to try a jumpsuit for months, now is the perfect time to experiment with this shockingly simple (and comfy) look. First of all, it’s only one piece, which means no styling multiple articles of clothing or making sure everything fits and works together. Secondly, it looks polished but also on trend and fresh. And last but not least, a jumpsuit is really comfortable to wear—it is flattering and forgiving in all the areas you want—perfect for a long night on the town. Pair it with a bright colored purse for a pop of color, simple accessories (we love a long necklace and bangle bracelets) and sexy heels for maximum impact.


Dressy Shorts
Shorts are for summer days at the beach, but they can also be perfect for any evening celebration if they are done right. The trick to rocking dressy shorts is to find a simple, flattering (and not too short) style in a fabric that looks more finished than basic denim or cotton. Shorts with a little sparkle, leather, embellishment or a fun pattern are all good options for nighttime, and if you’ll be celebrating somewhere that the weather is brisk, simply wear them over a pair of opaque tights.


Don’t Forget About the Hair
Last but not least, do not overlook your best accessory—your hair. Your hair can make a big statement without overpowering the rest of your look, and ideally you want a style that will look better as the night goes on, not worse as you come a little, uh, undone towards the end of your evening. We love this effortlessly sexy style that combines the classic glamour of a French twist with the fun feel of an imperfect up-do.