Vegging-Out-in-the-Cold-10-Winter-Salad-Ideas-that-Keep-Things-Cozy-photo8Since it has legs, it’s also safer and more stable than a handheld slicer. But be warned that Chef Chad Ward told The Daily Beast that though mandolins are highly efficient they are also dangerous if you don’t use the hand-guard correctly or invest in a cut-proof glove. “If you have even modest knife skills and don’t do a lot of entertaining, you can do anything and everything you ever need to do in a kitchen with just a chef’s knife and paring knife. That gets tedious, however, if you need to turn out large quantities of fine julienne or produce a boatload of precisely sliced vegetables in a hurry. That’s where a vegetable mandolin comes in handy.” Ready to start slicing and dicing away? Here are 15 recipes that prove a mandolin food slicer is your kitchen’s go-to tool.