Somehow or another, makeup ideas are the last thing on our minds this time of the year. If you’ve found the perfect holiday dress, found the shoes and freshened up the highlights in your hair, you should be ready for the seasonal parties in your schedule. But unless you take a minute to really update your make up, you’re only half way there. Most of us need a little help to look our best; even beautiful model Tyra Banks, who proudly claims: “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.

With the easy makeup ideas, tricks, beauty tips and products listed here, you’ll be confident in your ability to glow at any gathering all year round. Don’t be afraid to try new colors and applications. This is the holiday season after all and you don’t want the ornaments to be the only thing that sparkles.


  1. Best Holiday Looks for Mom
    Moms have no time; we get it. With a few simple cosmetics and beauty tips, even the busiest mom can be glamorous. With five minutes time, you can brighten tired eyes, add some color to pale cheeks and brighten your smile with a shiny lip-gloss. These techniques are so easy you can do them with a baby on one hip and a three-year old tugging at your skirt.

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