1. Traditional
Leave it to the Barefoot Contessa to take a simple dish (that only requires 20 minutes) and make it look and taste like you slaved away for hours. All you need to do is roughly chop some veggies, toss them in a food processor, mix them with some seasoning, vinegar and tomato juice and you’re done. And  the longer you let gazpacho sit, the better it will taste, so this is the perfect dish you can make ahead of time and enjoy for days.

2. Macho Gazpacho
This name is so good it deserves your attention almost as much as the dish itself. This soup packs a spicy punch thanks to the jalapeño chile and cayenne pepper sauce. It’s served cold (which feels nice) and also loaded with cucumbers and celery, which help balance the kick, but you’re eyes might still water a little with every spoonful. You’ve been warned.