The top fashion bloggers are just like you and me. Albeit, moodier, more Instagram-obsessed, while mixing a lot of high fashion with low fashion, and then running out into the street for a photo shoot. Ah, yes, forgot something: fashion brands also send them free boxes of apparel that they’ll hopefully wear. Over time, they have come to replace the all-knowing voice of the major fashion magazines to become the fashion editors for the people. Yet, they are not humble (who is in fashion?) and these bloggers’ vanity has helped turn many of these models and natural born it-girls into moneymaking brand ambassadors that sell clothes.

“The craze for fashion bloggers has only increased and how,” Ambika Zutshi, CEO of Fashionbi told Luxury Daily in 2014. “They started off as fashion enthusiasts having an opinion and willing to spread it across via digital means. Now, bloggers have really gained ‘celebrity status’ for themselves.” Need to spruce up your old wardrobe or at least get inspired to do so first? Check out these 15 fashion bloggers who you should start following right now so you won’t get pulled over by the fashion police.

1. First Generation Fashion
For this global-minded fashion blogger raised by Russian refugees, growing up first-generation American meant learning English as a second language and loving food others couldn’t pronounce. Daniela Kucher’s First Generation Fashion captures the ethnic communities of New York that help influence the city’s over-the-top style.

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2. The Blonde Salad 
The Italian model turned blogger, Chiara Ferragni, flaunts influence with a capital “I.” Based in  Los Angeles , she has more than 3 million Instagram followers and is as popular in Europe as she is in the U.S. She was featured on the cover of Lucky magazine’s February 2015 issue along with fellow star bloggers Nicole Warne and Zanita Whittington (featured below).

3. Song of Style 
This uber blogger from Los Angeles is an interior designer whose street-style shots have made her popular with brands and followers alike. As for Aimee Song’s followers, like the amount of shoes and handbags she owns, she is not lacking: on Instagram she touts 1.9 million followers and on YouTube, more than 28,000 subscribers. She’s a hit song.


4. Wendy’s Lookbook 
Admit it, you were probably one of the 29 million who watched her video, “25 Ways to Tie a Scarf.” The Los Angeles-based blogger Wendy Nguyen is best known for her YouTube channel charm, with 600,000-plus subscribers. She grew up in the foster system and is not ashamed to talk about it, even if it’s not a fashionable topic for some.

5. Sincerely Jules
Launched in 2009, the lady behind this site is a veteran compared to many of her blossoming peers. Julie Sariñana’s approachable style has translated well into her own line of t-shirts, printed with inspirational messages, and sometimes in Spanish (a nod to her Mexican roots), such as: Viva la Moda!


6. Jenny Lopez
If you’re into the Miami- New York-Colombian high fashion, bohemian shuffle, this former L’Oreal, Clinique and Free People model turned blogger is your match. This fashion blogger offers globetrotting adventures and eclectic taste in vintage clothing as well as jewelry, many pieces designed by her.

7. Gary Pepper Girl 
Here’s a type of pepper that does not get passed: As one of fortunate fashion bloggers to land Lucky mag’s cover in 2015, Nicole Warne, first started her blog as a vintage e-commerce site in Australia, blogging and modeling the clothes as a way to market the website.


8. Man Repeller
Irreverent and fun, Leandra Medine told the Daily Mail the meaning of her blog’s title: “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate.” Medine was featured in Forbes’s “Top 30 Under 30” and as Time’s “25 Best Blogs of 2012.”

9. StyleScrapbook
The sought after Mexican born and raised fashion blogger, moved to Amsterdam and became a fan of the Scandinavian blogs for their simplicity and chic. As an it-girl for Mango, she is not afraid to add stripes, rock-and-roll leather, lace, or leopard-print to her weekly repertoire.


10. Nicolette Mason
The columnist for Marie Claire, who designed her own collection for Modcloth, is one of the most in-demand fashion bloggers. Nicolette Mason was a social media key player for Target’s new plus-size collection Ava & Viv and also offers style advice on Today and Good Morning America.


11. Atlantic-Pacific 
If Andy Warhol’s factory was still around, this blond and retro-inspired fashion muse would definitely have joined the party. At the same time, the New York-based Blair Eadie has an educated approach to fashion, as a former merchandiser for brands like Gap and Tory Burch.


12. Zanita Whittington
The Stockholm-based Aussie with the movie star looks is one of Lucky‘s February blogger stars. Along with modeling and blogging, Whittington is also serious about photography, offering aspiring blogger advice on starting a blog and building a following.

13. Gabifresh
As one of three plus-size bloggers chosen for Target’s Ava & Viv collection campaign, the Los Angeles-based Gabi Gregg started her blog when she couldn’t find a job in fashion journalism. Now she has a swimwear collection and partners like Nordstrom and Laura Mercier.


14. Style Bubble
Considered one of the top bloggers for fashion insiders for years now, Susanna Lau’s strong opinions has made her a leading voice in the biz. Aside from Style Bubble, she contributes to publications such as Elle UK and Business of Fashion.


15. The Chriselle Factor
Chriselle Lim’s sunny slogan is “Making the world pretty…one girl at a time!” And her enormous YouTube following allows the Los Angeles-based wardrobe stylist to offer her followers plenty of tips via video. This fashion blogger worked with Coach, Banana Republic and more.