Get Gorgeous Activities
One huge perk of summer camp—for girls especially—is that it’s a chance to stop worrying about how you look. If your kids go to an all-girls camp, that sense of jealousy over boys, competition to look the best, and insecurity over your appearance just doesn’t exist. That said, girls will be girls. Send a package of nail-art, manicure kits, temporary tattoos, glitter body art, tattoo jewelry, makeup etc. Even if they just use it for dress up for the end-of summer show, they’ll have fun experimenting with their friends.

Mad Libs, Boggle, Playing Cards & Other Games
Sometimes at the end of a long day of adventures and running around, kids want to just hang out in their bunk and play silly games with their friends. You could send care packages of some classics (that you used to love) and some new games that every kid wants. Boggle is always fun and will help kids use their brains, even in the summer. Mad Libs require nothing but a pencil and a little imagination, and they can get very silly, very quickly. A deck of cards is useful for a wide range of games, plus you can customize the cards with family photos so they feel special.