The bliss of brunch foods calls for gathering your favorite pals at your place to hang out, eat and drink something caffeinated or bubbly, until the sun goes down. For us, this beats out going out to a crowded and noisy restaurant where the prices are high and your time to linger is low. When you host a brunch make sure to include something savory, something sweet, some sort of fruit, and some sort of green leafy salad. And don’t forget to place some fresh flowers on the table as well. Have your guests over anywhere starting from around eleven thirty a.m. or later and put on some jazz tunes or some Brazilian Bossa nova to keep the ambience calm and cheery. If you’re hosting, tell friends to help out by bringing a bottle of sparkling water or wine, croissants, bagels, fruits, cookies, coffees, teas, olives or nuts to include on the table. Since brunches usually fall on a weekend after a long week, don’t be bashful about letting people pitch in to help. The beauty of brunch menu ideas is that you are free to let loose and get creative.

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Setting the table should be eclectic and far from the stuffiness and simplicity of dinner elegance.  Buffet style works best with plates stacked at the corner of the table and silverware stuffed into mugs or jugs for your guests to easily grab. Stick some fresh flowers in some small glass bottles as well. Go for country floral fun or pretty striped type cloth touches for a buffet table that feels extra sunny that morning. For a touch of color, grab a colander and fill it with some fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or cherries or all four. Full of antioxidants.


When it comes to brunch menu ideas, the spread should straddle the sweet and salty departments come menu-prepping time. So, start with some sort of egg-based dishes and smoked fish pâtés served with rustic breads or bagels. What we like about quiches is that they’re salty, simple to make, and can actually be prepared the night before. They can also include yummy ingredients like ham, spinach, mushrooms, and tons of cheeses like creamy Gruyere. Then come the sweets: Serve anything from a loaf of banana or carrot bread, assorted Danishes, and cookies to keep your guests smiling liking kids. And for those on diets, don’t forget to put a big ol’ bowl of fruit salad, Greek yogurt and some granola on the table as a healthier option. We all know brunch foods aren’t always the lightest.


The drinks. Aside from having your coffee maker on overtime and enough of a tea selection (herbals and caffeinated) to offer your guests, don’t forget to serve up a pitcher of some fresh orange or grapefruit juice. If you want to this to be an early-in-the-day party, then don’t forget to stock up on champagne or vodka to spike those juices for some rockin’ cocktails like Bloody Marys, Mimosas or Bellinis. After your guests have capped off all those alcoholic, sweet and salty delights, don’t forget to put out a big pitcher of refreshing lemon & cucumber water to quench their thirst. It’s not only pretty to look at, but tastes great and quenches thirst like no other.