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Graduation Presents your Kids won’t Expect From You-MainPhoto

It’s that time of year, when school draws to a close and graduation ceremonies pop up like dandelions. Chances are you’ll know someone who, after hard work or maybe dumb luck, is graduating this month. If the graduate is a relative, a friend or the babysitter, chances are you’ll want to find just the right gift. You can go the traditional route with luggage or a wristwatch but, try thinking outside the box and consider one of these clever graduation gifts for the graduate in your life.

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1. Chemistry book flask: Hand them this flask and explain this is what a chemistry book looks like. They may never open another book but, they’ll think of you when they tailgate.

2. A surprise visit from a military parent who’s been stationed out of the country: You’ll need a lot of help with this one. Bringing together a parent and child, especially when the parent has been absent in the service, is the finest gift ever. Also bring tissue, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.