Global Babies-Bebés del Mundo-MainPhoto

Global Babies-Bebés del Mundo-MainPhoto

Global Babies;Bebés del mundo
By Global Fund for Children
Translated by Eida Del Risco
Charlesbridge ● 2009 ● 16 pages
Boardbook ($6.95)
ISBN: 978-1-58089-250-6
Ages 1 – 3

Little ones won’t wait to grab this adorable collection of baby faces! Less than six inches wide and printed on extra durable cardboard, this eye-catching book is perfect for the diaper bag or stroller. Pull it out to distract a fidgety or fussy child where noisemaking toys won’t do. Fifteen close-up photos of babies from around the world feature a wide variety of ethnicities, facial expressions, and dress. Each child is beautifully outfitted, with most wearing his or her country’s traditional garb. Some of the bright fabrics, interesting patterns and ornaments may also serve as opportunities to help children learn colors and materials like fur, beads and metal. Children may also connect specific seasons to some of the outfits featured, or detect a baby’s mood: “Is this baby happy, sad or sleepy?”

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Young children will revel in the book’s most important lesson: that what all babies have in common is that they are all loved. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book support The Global Fund for Children (, so you can feel doubly good about your purchase.

—Reviewed by Professor Gisela Norat, Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, Georgia