How would we survive without girl talk? Although Women have the ability to open up to other women and disclose our most intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences, especially with our best friends. Girl talk is open, honest, and often, graphic sex talk. Juicy details, steamy experiences, and specifics — such as size, number of sexual partners, wild fantasies, new experiences — you name it.

There are many benefits to indulging in a little sex talk with friends. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, having a confidante boosts physical functioning and vitality among women. Moreover, open and honest talk with a confidante can also help reduce stress. Women laugh and experience a total feeling of abandonment with close friends. That comfort allows us to be ourselves and to not have to pretend, lie, or hide our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Talking to other women also may help us better understand ourselves, can lead to “aha” moments, and make us feel connected and understood.

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Many times, women feel as if though their experiences are particular to them, but when they discover that other women feel, think, and behave the same, there is a sense of relief and self-confidence is strengthened. Moreover, girl talk is a way to get useful support, advice, and ideas from other women. Beware, however, that some persons may not be good at offering advice, may not be the right audience to listen to sex related topics, or may be judgmental. Trust your instincts about with whom you share and how much!

For many years, our culture and society has made us feel as though women are not supposed to be sexual, so, when sharing about your sex life, make sure you do not leave the conversation feeling bad about your sexuality. First, establish that whoever you talk with will respect your privacy. Secondly, determine that your confidante is comfortable talking about sex. Some people, even close friends, are not comfortable with certain topics, so it’s important that whoever you choose to be the recipient of your most intimate details, is willing to listen. Lastly, make certain that you are surrounded by people who are willing to provide a safe space for you without judgment. So next time you are among girlfriends, go ahead: Talk about sex. The results can be very beneficial to your emotional and mental health — and maybe even your sex life!