10 summer makeup tips you need right now-Photo9

UPDATED June 17th, 2017

Nothing conveys youth and beauty like dewy, flushed cheeks. We all know this—why do you think blush shades have names like Orgasm, Afterglow, Tipsy, Poppy and Love at First Sight? There’s even research to back it up. A 2009 study at the University of St. Andrews School of Psychology found that people look at your cheeks to judge how healthy, thus attractive, you are.How-to-Keep-Your-Skin-Flawless-this-Summer-MainPhotoLead researcher Ian Stephen explained, “Our skin contains many tiny blood vessels that carry blood laden with oxygen to the skin cells, allowing them to “breathe”, and allowing us to lose heat during exercise. People who are physically fit or have higher levels of sex hormones have more of these blood vessels and flush easier than people who are unhealthy, unfit, elderly or smokers.”

Are-Skin-Facials-Outdated-Do-They-Even-Work-Photo2So do we really need layers of makeup to radiate that healthy, breathless, just had a fantastic roll in the hay, post-workout glow once we’ve left our twenties behind? Almost all of us need a little help now and then, especially if we’re busy moms. Still, the best blush comes from within so we’ve found a few ways to get naturally flushed cheeks.